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Rent a boat in Hämeenlinna area

Did You rent a villa and they only have a small rowing boat at your disposal? Or do You want to explore Finland boating by yourself? No worries! We may have just what You need;

 a motor boat for 4 persons is ideal for cruising or fishing. You can ask also fishing gear and fishing licenses. The boat is equipped with chartplotter/fishfinder to help you navigate and perhaps to locate fish aswell.

SUVI 4650

Lenght : 4,70 m

Width: 1,96 m

Weight: 280 kg

4 persons

40 hp Yamaha 4-stroke engine


Rental prices:

(All prices includes VAT 24%)

1 day – 150 €

Weekend (pe klo 18-su klo 18) – 350 €

Week – 600 €

Fuel cost (25 l) 40€

Prices excludes delivery

The boat can be delivered to named place. Delivery cost is 0,60€ /km. Please note that delivery will be charged for both bringing and picking up the boat. For example 20 km delivery cost is calculated; 20 km x 0,60€/km x 4 = 48€

Deductible deposit 600 € paid in cash before rental. Sum will be returned if no damages occur during rental period.


Rental and booking conditions

The boat can not be used for races or against the law in action.
• The user undertakes to comply with the rules and regulations for navigation. The speed limit in narrow passages and port areas are 9 km / h or 15 km / h by brand.
• under the influence of alcohol, driving a boat is prohibited.
• The user is responsible for the boat and / or a third party for the damage they cause.
• The boat is handed back in the same condition as it was when it was rented.
• A breakdown must inform the hirer immediately call or text message by putting the phone number: +358 50 5341260. The boat must not be corrected or repaired without the tenant's permission.
• In case of damage the renter a deductible of 600 €. In case of damage deductibles can be charged in arrears at the end of the rental.
• If the user does not return the boat at the agreed time and place, is the lessee the right to charge the remainder in by a double payment and to charge the costs of failure in full.
• Disclosure of the boat is prohibited.
• The boat is usually rented for one fuel tank filled to complete the renter and will accordingly return the boat to the same fuel tank filled to (98E). If the fuel tank is filled with incomplete, HH Specto to charge the customer the actual costs incurred in the discharge of the fuel tank at the end of the rental.
• The boat driver must have experience in navigating the waters and feel the most common navigation rules, for example. bus signs, collision avoidance rules and road signs water. Driver's age limit is 15 years.
• User shall notify aware of the provisions and regulations on all key boating.
Guarantees and compensation for damages
• All cancellations must be made in writing (e-mail) to the lessee, HH Specto
• The customer has the right to be paid back in full amount, if the client or a person from living in the same household falls seriously ill, has an accident or dies. The withdrawal shall be notified immediately to HH Specto and reliable manner demonstrate eg. A medical certificate.
• Other than the above-mentioned cancellation cases HH Specto does not return the rental fee paid by the customer back. However, it is possible to transfer, for example, due to bad weather, on the assumption that the boat is not rented to other clients in question for the time Rental time.
• In case of force majeure, the boat owner may cancel the reservation. The customer is then entitled to receive the amount paid back in full.
• The owner has the right to suspend the reservation immediately in the event, if the customer does not comply with these motor boat reservation and terms of use. If the booking has to be interrupted because of disruptive behavior, fees will not be returned at all.
Insurance and deductibles

• The port areas should move at idle and minimize the formation of waves.
• Observe the beaching depth (shallow water will be easily propeller damage)
• Slow down the pace well in advance before beaching.
• The fuel is E98. Fuels will be charged separately if not included in the rental price.
• Always visually Visit the fitness / damage to the machine at the start of rental, there will be no ambiguity returns.
• Know your skills! Rental subject to shipping and map reading skills.
• Be sure to use a life jacket at all times while you are on the water!
• If you fish, make sure you take care of the acquisition of the required fishing licenses.
Customer shall comply with instructions given. Failure to do so causes interruption of boating when the fees paid are non-refundable.
HH Specto does not insure their customers, driving at your own risk.
Personal liability of € 600 / unit, and in case of damage deductible proportion may be charged to the customer in arrears, at the end of the rental period.
The customer is responsible leased device, about themselves and their property as well as any third party for any damage caused.
If the customer fails to notify defects as soon as they detected during the rental period custodian or owner, shall be considered the engine of the boat in the condition of the contract. Only the shortcomings of the rental period notified can not be together anymore and say, and HH Specto not liable for them.
The owner is not liable for any damage or inconvenience incurred by the client as a result of force majeure or similar unforeseeable reason, which was not caused by the owner and the consequences of which the owner could not reasonably have prevented. The owner is not responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by regular natural phenomena, or encounters with wild animals.
The parties shall endeavor to settle disputes under the contract through negotiation. If no agreement is reached, disputes will be settled in the District Court of Hämeenlinna. The contract is governed by Finnish law.
Have a safe and fun trip!
By paying a rental fee the customer agrees to comply with the above rental conditions and to operate the boat in accordance with the instructions provided.